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Sky on Stage "Throwback" Games

Photo by Gabriele Dassori; Freeflyers: Filippo Fabbi, Stefania Martinengo

Your can participate in one of the following contests:

Registration to the “Throw Back Games” opens the 15th November 2020 and close the 30th Januray 2021 by 23:59 UTC. 

Choose among one of the available ‘Throwback’ contests and Register your Team on the “Play the Game” page.

Pick whatever you think is your best stuff! Registration is only 5 euro as a donation, you can also go directly and enter the video without entry fee HERE
Unlike in the other contests, you are allowed to upload video files with performances that were recorded at just about any time in the past.
The performances should comply with the spirit of the rules and guidelines that apply to the other contests but they dont have to adhere to the specific instructions regarding matters like “starting papers” or the prescribed music. Submit a file you have on file! If you like, even though editing is not accepted, you are free to add to your footages some music.

if you like, you can choose among music that is available without royalties HERE or choos the one you prefer, knowing that if you will choose a music piece with royalties it will be most likely muted by most socail media channels.

Once Registered upload your contest video on the “Throwback” dedicated video contest platform HERE
With your personal login you can change your upload submission any time untill the 30th January 2021

Everyone is invited to view the Teams video choreographies  and show support to the teams ! 

Visit the the three different Sky on Stage running events Galleries:

1) Sky on Stage 2020 – Gallery 
Platform dedicated only to outdoor skydiving video routines recorded in 2020

2) Freestyle Indoor – Gallery
Platform dedicated only to the Indoor Freestyle solo on music newly created video choreographies

3) Sky on Stage “Throwback” – Gallery
Platform dedicated to videos entry in all outdoor as well as indoor categories from past years

After exiting the airplane, in the time before opening their parachutes and return safely to mother Earth, the performer/s and the cameraflyer, fly around each other using the whole sky as their stage. Their aim is to create a team flying choreography. There are no mandatory nor suggested moves. Teams can choose any freeflying and freestyling techniques; they can choose any flying attitude, maneuvers, speeds, rotations, orientations, angles, interpretation. Team’s members can be of any mixed gender and nationalities. Competition jump can be performed over any skydiving center in the World. 
The beauty about having the Sky as a stage, is that the body can fly and move through the atmosphere gliding in all orientations and directions with a wide range of possible combined vertical and horizontal speeds. The visual created are unique. All will be presented through the eye of the cameraflyer,  who is filming the team performer/s while interactively flying with them.

Flyers are wearing a wingsuit, a specially built webbed suit (looking like a flying squirrel or a bat ) worn by the skydivers, to acquire an improved gliding ratio and flying power. 

 Wingsuit acrobatics is quite a new recent direction and SkyonStage is thrilled to offer a nice playground to push wingsuiting creativity even further.

A skysurfer fly with his/her feet linked, through to a cut-away system, to a board, similar to the one of a snow-boarder, wake-boarder or surfer. 
A skysurfer can track, gliding on the air surface, like a snowboarder on the snow or a surfer on the water-waves, though can also spin and rotate in all orientations with a lot of power.

Skysurf saw in the past some epic times, making it to ESPN X-Games and SSI Pro-Tour.   
The wish of Sky on Stage is to bring back to life this beautiful and outstanding discipline. To be able to share skysurfing sport/art to the public once again and hopefully push its evolution to further expressions

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description to be updated…