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Photo Marco Arcangeli. Wingsuit Pilots: Cris Benedini, Maurizio di Palma

Friends We Are Grateful To

Flyers & Teams

In reverse alphabetical order by first name


Viviane Wegrath

Viviane is former female Skysurf World Champion and partecipated at X-Games in the late 90’s placing at finals. Among her amazing skysurf adventures Viviane skysurfed over an active vulcano and at the north pole. She is a whole around sport professional being a kiteboard and snowboard teacher as well as a successful entrepreneur and angel heart. she loves mountain sports, air sports, water sports and nature.


Ulisse Idra

Ulisse is an outstanding athlete in Freeflying, Canopy Piloting, B.A.S.E. Jumping and Speedflying. He is a windtunnel and freefly coach, freefly load organizer as well as AFF instructor. When not flying he trains free diving, apnea and slack line. Not many knows he is a very good rapper and if he is in the mood might amaze you with improvised rimes :-D.

Team Zion

Andreas Mosling
Anna Moxnes
Kristian Moxnes

Late this 2019 Team Zion won the Freefly 3 way world cup representing Norway. All three are active in many aspects of skydiving and wind tunnel flying, organizing events, camps, world records, training, teaching, creating, inspiring. ‘Moxnes’ need no presentation, another true pioneer in freefly and wind-tunnel flying with few gold at freefly world championships with a previous team. Anna one of the most bad ass flying chicks, reknown Load Organizer and in team with the JoyRiders organizing next female head-down world record: Project-19. Andreas photography work is not limited to skydiving subjects and his perspecitve on the beauty of Norwigen Nature is truly fascinating. Check their next events and camps on their FB page!

Team Odissey

Marianne Cotrin
Ale Mooney

Team Odissey is mooved by true passion towards skydiving. Among their acheivements a silver medal at freestyle world cup and european championships in 2007. Ale has been in the freefly scene since its begining competing at SSI Pro tour and SPACE GAMES. He is AFF instructor, tandem master, freefly coach professional cameraflyer and for who do not know, he is also an acclaimed starred chef who works at famous Restaurants in Milano. Marianne has backgrounds in martial art capoera and professional modeling. Her flying is a rare blend between strength, elegance, creativity and beauty.

Team Good Vibes

Yohan Aby
Vincent Cotte
Jim Gares

Team Good Vibes won gold at freefly world cup In 2017 and silver at freefly world championships in 2018. Their techincal skills are outstanding. Yohann is well known in freestyle as won gold at 3 freestyle world championships, at 6 freestyle world cup and is our current world games champion. Vincent has backgrounds in several sports and is a reknown wingsuit pilot and B.A.S.E mentor. Jimbo cameraflying work unique. Beside training they teach freefly and freestyle both in the sky and the wind-tunnel.


Skydive Dream

Flying right over the historical city of Florence, capital of arts, glancing at the famous Duomo from above, is a dream come true! Now is possible thanks to Skydive Dream. A special team in a special place. Book a Tandem as an unforgettable present to someone you care.


Roberta Mancino

Roberta is an all around professional skydiver in freefly, freestyle, wingsuit piloting. Her acheivements are so many it is difficult to sum them all. Besides being an international renowned coach and competitor in all of the mentioned disciplines she is also a professional model as well as stunt flyer and B.A.S.E jumper having appeared in famous Moovies, Tv Spots and Fashion Magazines. Her beauty and courage maches with a wonderfull heart and kindness.


Olav Zipser

Olav is considered the Father of the Freefly concept. He has been competing internationally in freefly, freestyle and even skysurfing both as performer and cameraflyer for more then a decade. Among the many awards and medals he acheived titles as Freestyle and Freefly World and World Games Champion and won an Emmy Award. Olav founded the Freefly Clowns Team in the early 90’s and started teaching Freefly creating an all around training program through his school The First School of Modern Skyflying. SkyonStage is a lot inspired by the Space Games concept, an international freefly event Olav created and organized from 1997 till 2005. One of the biggest focus in Olav’s teaching has definetively been safety and progressive learning while expressing each individual creativity. His biggest dream is to go to Space.


Luca Tondelli

Member of team AriA Solo per il Volo with Filippo Fabbi, Luca is an outstanding whole around athlete. Luca took part to 8 freefly world records and gained bronze at freefly worldchampionship in 2006. Besides being one of the top freefly coach, Tondelli, practice at high levels speedriding, mountaneering, BASE jumping. He is a professional sport coach, owner and director of a sport fitness center and health studio.


Luca Giovannini

Luca Giovannini is from Rovereto, Italy. Luca works as windtunnel coach at Aerogravity in Milano. He is a reknown professional freeflyer as well as BASE jumper. His love for this sport is immense and in team with Ulisse opened several spots in Trentino area using a tracking mono suit for the first time. Among others Luca has a passion for the sport of free diving and apnea which to him becomes a form of meditation. He is most appreciated by his friends for his calmness, kindness, patience. Not eveybody knows he is a bad ass in mountain bike down hill and speedflying


Kēbē San

Kēbē is a true passioned in skysurfing who has been skysurfing since the late 90’s. Other then having fun and loving skysurfing, he is an amazing artist with incredible inspirations creating art with wood, metal and other materials. He is a Star Seed on Earth… I think with this last statement I pretty much resume him.

Gyx Air Team

Gigliola Borgnis
Cristian Vasari

Gigliola is one of the true gurus of our sport of skydiving. She won worldly contests in freefly and freestyle, inspiring with her creativity, elegance and natural way of flying a whole generation of skydivers. In Team with former partner Marco Tiezzi she pioneered and still does pioneer, angle flying, one of the most loved way of flying. Cristian when not skydiving and flying, is a professional dj and sound creator. Both organize international skydiving events and camps; check their FB for all dates


Carlos Pedro

Carlos is one of the top wingsuit pilot and wingsuit B.A.S.E. jumpers in the world competing at RedBull Aces as well as other wingusuit world events. He is proudly from Venezuela, one of the most beautifull countries in the world. When not skydiving or BASE jumping he loves cross training in other sports and has passion for vegan cooking.


Brento B.A.S.E School

My friends Cris Benedini, Maurizio di Palma and Marco Arcangeli at the Brento B.A.S.E school are somehow a second family. The school is based in beautifull north Lake Garda, Trentino, Italy.


Fare un Lancio

Fareunlancio is a blog that propose tandems skydiving flights over several different locations in Italy. if you have someone you care whose dream is to fly in the skys of italy, this is for them :-DD


Indoor Skydiving Vision


In alphabetical order by last name


Sebastian Alvarez

"Flying Friends"

Marco Arcangeli


Noah Bahnson


Vitor ‘Piu Piu’ Benassi


Willy Boeykens


Bruno Brokken


Jim ‘Jimbo’ Gares


Max Haim


Andreas Mosling