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Photo: Simone Pietro Ghione. Flyers: team Odissey: Marianne Cotrin Ale Mooney

Aero Gravity

Aero Gravity, located only 15 minutes by metro from down town Milano,  is one of the biggest windtunnel (skydiving simulator) in the world. A great team of coaches, awesome welcoming, is the perfect place for first timers as well as experienced flyers. 
Aero Gravity offeres to the contests the following awards:
2 Hours Wind Tunnel Time


The best altimeters and audibles; great customer service, kindness, efficency, reliability. It is my personal choice since more then 15 years.
LBAltimeters offeres to the contests the following awards: 
1 Ares II,  the evolution of Digital Visual Altimeter
1 Pro Track II, the advanced version of an audible Altimeter 

Sky On Stage

SkyonStage organizer offers to the contests the following awards: 
 2 hours of windtunnel time to use
500 Euro to first place overall Freefly/Freestyle 2 way
500 Euro to first place overall Skysurf 2 way
750 Euro to first place overall Wingsuit 3 way

1 day Team consulting and coreography coaching with Stefania Martinengo for 1st place intermediate Freefly 2 Way, 3 way, 5 way

Squirrel Wingsuits

Squirrel Wingsuits is one of the leading wingsuits, tracking suits and B.A.S.E equipments manufacture companies. Squirrel supports several athletes in the wingsuit piloting ciruit as well as B.A.S.E athletes and gather a group of dedicated coaches. offers to the contests the following awards:
1 Mutation, the ultimate design of a one piece tracking suit 
500$ Squirrel cash, to be used to purchase any single item on squirrel website

UPT - Vector

United Parachute Technologies, or UPT, is the topmost leading manufacture company in skydiving harness/container systems for sport and military use.
UPT Vector offers to the contests the following awards:
two 30% discounts vouchers on a new custom made Vector including 15% discount on options
50$ voucher to spend in UPT gear store

WindTunnelCoaches &

Windtunnel Coaches powered by the Mamba Spirit offers to the contests the following awards: 
1 hour of coaching with
30 min coupon of tunnel time to validate in one of windtunnelcoaches future camps.

Terminal Zero

Terminal Zero is a wind-tunnel (a flying simulator) based in Zaragoza, Spain. Owned by professionals in the world of skydiving as well as in arts (acting, music, entertainment events), Terminal Zero, created a unique enviroment for you to experience flying in a safe yet fun way with the help of professional coaches.
Terminal Zero offers to the contests thefollowing awards: :
2 hours of Windtunnel Time

TONFLY Suits & Helmets

TONFLY offers to the contests the following awards:
Three 25% discount certificates on Tonfly Shop

NZ Aerosports

We are truly happy to welcome Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports among Sky on Stage partners!
NZ aerosports is one of the leading skydiving canopies manufacture and recently came out with a new wing, especially designed for wingsuiting, the Kraken!

NZAerosports offers to the contests the following awards:
Two 20% dicounts on the purchase of a Kraken canopy


Indoor Outdoor Skydiving Vision

Roland Hilfiker, the CEO of Support Air Internationalis running the Indoor Outdoor Skydiving Vision website that serves as the knowledge repository for the ISGS summit and as blog on indoor skydiving and skydiving. Roland has been helping Sky on Stage with preparation of the Indoor Freestyle Contest as well as cunsultant for all the games. Sky on Stage is immensely gratefull to his outstanding cooperation in defining the games. Visit the website and register to the newsletter to receive all news and updates

Bottero Ski

Bottero Ski 

Since 1946 Bottero Ski is dedicated to Outdoor Sports, creating skis, snow boards, protections, helemets, technical sport wear, sport fashion, accessories  and much more.

Visit their store @

Bottero Ski offered to following prize:

to be updated…..