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Indoor Games

Indoor Freestyler: Stefania Martinengo

The contestants are challenged to perform freestyle moves in a wind tunnel of their choice – as per their choreography and to music they select from the Sky on Stage tracks. For its assessment, they have their performance recorded with one single camera.


The assessment – which should not be confused with the process of “judging” in traditional competition – is three-tier, with three distinct groups each establishing an independent ranking of the performances per division/age group. The groups are:
· Fellow athletes competing in the same division/age group: PEERS;
· Experts with a solid background in Indoor Artistic Events: EXPERTS;
· Champions or masters with a background in artistic sports or arts: ARTISTS.
The assessors adhere to criteria that they establish for themselves and express their personal preference for one performance over another. In doing so, they produce a ranking, from first to last, through the structured and comparison-based online review of the performances.

Check Rankings and Results

Everyone is invited to view the Teams video choreographies  and show support ! 

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