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Sky on Stage 2 The Indoor Games

Indoor Freestyler: Stefania Martinengo

The contestants are challenged to create a flying  choreorgaphy to music. performing freestyle mooves that flows at music rythm. They can create and record the choreorgaphy in any  wind tunnel of their choice,  For its assessment, they have their performance recorded with one single camera.


The assessment – which should not be confused with the process of “judging” in traditional competition – is three-tier, with three distinct groups each establishing an independent ranking of the performances per division/age group. The groups are:
· Fellow athletes competing in the same division/age group: PEERS;
· Experts with a solid background in Indoor Artistic Events: EXPERTS;
· Champions or masters with a background in artistic sports or arts: ARTISTS.

The assessors adhere to criteria that they establish for themselves and express their personal preference for one performance over another. In doing so, they produce a ranking, from first to last, through the structured and comparison-based online review of the performances.

Visit  Sky on Stage Indoor Freestyle  video  playlist, from last year  edition  HERE

 To be updated….

 To be updated….