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Indoor Games

Indoor Freestyler: Stefania Martinengo

The contestants are challenged to perform freestyle moves in a wind tunnel of their choice – as per their choreography and to music they select from the Sky on Stage tracks. For its assessment, they have their performance recorded with one single camera.

Divisions | Age Groups

Separate rankings are established in two divisions and for three age groups.
Division: Male, Female
Age Groups: Juvenile (8 – 12 years)
Junior (13 – 17 years)
Open (18+ years)



The assessment – which should not be confused with the process of “judging” in traditional competition – is three-tier, with three distinct groups each establishing an independent ranking of the performances per division/age group. The groups are:
· Fellow athletes competing in the same division/age group: PEERS;
· Experts with a solid background in Indoor Artistic Events: EXPERTS;
· Champions or masters with a background in artistic sports or arts: ARTISTS.
The assessors adhere to criteria that they establish for themselves and express their personal preference for one performance over another. In doing so, they produce a ranking, from first to last, through the structured and comparison-based online review of the performances.



Three separate rankings are established per division/age group. They are all made public on the contest platform, the Sky on Stage award and results website page and  



The top three finishers in each division/age group are awarded a trophy. All contestants receive a certificate of participation.


Everyone is invited to view the Teams video choreographies  and show support ! 

Visit the the three different Sky on Stage running events Video Galleries:


1) Sky on Stage 2020 – Gallery 
Platform dedicated only to outdoor skydiving video routines recorded in 2020


2) Freestyle Indoor – Gallery
Platform dedicated only to the Indoor Freestyle solo on music newly created video choreographies


3) Sky on Stage “Throwback” – Gallery
Platform dedicated to videos entry in all outdoor as well as indoor categories from past years

First step:
we suggest you read the Indoor Freestyle Guidelines and visit the Indoor Video Contest Platform to choose among the different music clips offered by Sky on Stage.


Second step:
You can then Register and pay the entry fee of 10 euro on the “Play the Game” page selecting the Indoor Freestyle on music item for your own subdivion/category.

Contestestants who are under 18 years old, have to submit a Parental Consent in order to have their entry validated.

Third step:
Create a personal login and Upload your video routine HERE as soon as you have one ready.
With your personal login, you are allowed to change your final chosen routine upload any time untill 30th january 2021