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Sky on Stage 2021/22

Photo by Max Haim. Freeflyers: Luca Tondelli, Luca Giovannini, Ulisse Idra

Sky on Stage 2021 games:

  • 2 Way Freefly/Freestyle (1 performer 1 cameraflyer)
  • 5 Way Freefly (4 performers 1 cameraflyer)
  • 2 Wingsuit Freestyle (1 performer 1 cameraflyer)
  • Skysurf (1 performer 1 cameraflyer)
  • XRW Challange (1 canopy pilot, 1 wingsuit pilot, 1 cameraflyer)

Latest on date 15th December 2021, registered teams, will have to upload, on our Sky on Stage 2021 video portal, what they consider their best choreography among their training jumps executed this year 2021.
Teams have to come up with a Free Routine. The content of the routine is a complete choice of the Team with no mandatory moves to be performed. The choreorgaphies will be evaluated in the overall creativity and emotional power.

How we will find the winning Teams:
Evaluation to find the winners of the games will happen in three stages. 

1st Stage: the Team’s athletes themselves (PEERS) look at the video-choreographies of the contest they entered and give their preferred ranking excluding their own team.

2nd Stage: a Panel of invited Assessors consisting of expert skydiving athletes plus few International F.A.I AE judges (the E-Panel) will also review the choreorgaphies and give their preferred ranking.

3rd Stage: a Panel consisting of professional Artists or Athletes in other sports other then skydiving (A-Panel) will also give their preferred ranking.

SkyonStage will award with certificate of placement the following categories:
– Winners as per E-Panel ranking 
– Overall Winners as per E-Panel and A-Panel combined ranking
– The PeterPan Award (competitor who enter most of the games and placed best overall)

Prizes are offered by our Partners and by Sky on Stage to the winning teams.

check the Award page to see what has been offered to the winning teams.

After exiting the airplane, in the time before opening their parachutes and return safely to mother Earth, the performer/s and the cameraflyer, fly around each other using the whole sky as their stage. The aim is to create a team flying choreography. There are no mandatory nor suggested moves. Teams can choose any freeflying and freestyling techniques;  any flying attitude, maneuvers, speeds, rotations, orientations, angles, interpretation. Team’s members can be of any mixed gender and nationalities. Contest jump can be performed over any skydiving center in the World. 
The beauty about having the Sky as a stage, is that the body can fly and move through the atmosphere gliding in all orientations and directions with a wide range of possible combined vertical and horizontal speeds. The visual created are unique. All will be presented through the eye of the cameraflyer,  who is filming the team performer/s while interactively flying with them.

You can view
Sky on Stage 2020  Freefly/style 2 way videos HERE

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Sky on Stage Throwback Freefly/Style 2 way videos HERE

Flyers are wearing a wingsuit, a specially built webbed suit (looking like a flying squirrel or a bat ) worn by the skydivers, to acquire an improved gliding ratio and flying power. 

 Wingsuit acrobatics is quite a new recent direction and SkyonStage is thrilled to offer a nice playground to push wingsuiting creativity even further.

You can view
Sky on Stage 2020
Wingsuit 3 way videos HERE

A skysurfer fly riding a surf-board, similar to the one used in snowboarding, wakeboarding or surfing. 
A skysurfer can track, gliding on the air surface, like a snowboarder on the snow or a surfer on the water-waves, though can also spin and rotate in all orientations with a lot of power.

Skysurf saw in the past some epic times, making it to ESPN X-Games and SSI Pro-Tour.   
The wish of Sky on Stage is to bring back to life this beautiful and outstanding discipline. To be able to share skysurfing sport/art to the public once again and hopefully push its evolution to further expressions

You can view

Sky on Stage 2020
Skysurf videos HERE

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