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'Indoor Freestyle Panel of Judges

Indoor Freestyler: Stefania Martinengo

The 3 Evaluation Stages

Starting from 6nd February 2021, fellow PEERS contestants will have access to the choreographies of the game they entered. They will have about one week to vision the choreorgaphies then send to Sky on Stage, their personal ranking, excluding their own team. No scoring in numbers, just a placing of personal choice of which choeography they liked the most, second one, third ect. By giving a fix numerical value to favourit choice, second favourit and so forth, Sky on Stage will find out the combined PEERS Ranking.

The 20 top teams (in case there are more then 20 teams registered:-D) as chosen by the fellow PEERS, will be also reviewed by the E-Panel (Invited Expert Evaluators). In similar way as the 1st stage, they will have about one week to review the choreographies and send to Sky on Stage their personal ranking. 
If there are more then 20 teams registered in a contest, Teams who placed 21st as per  the fellow peers ranking  will be the winners of the intermediate division

The 10 Top Teams as selected by the E-Panel ranking will also be reviewed by a the A-Panel, professionals athletes and/or artists.
The E-Panel and the A-Panel rankings combined, will determin the Overall winning Teams. 


Results Classification Awards

For each of the Contests a certificate of participation 

a sky on stage t-shirt will be awarded to:

Intermediate category (Team placed 21st) 
First place 

Pro Flyers 
First place, second place, third place as per E-Panel ranking

First place overall as per combined results E-Panel + A-Panel. 


Panel Members

Freefly, Freestyle E-Panel

Nicolas Arnaud

Nicolas is also called by friends Nicoach. After an history as freestyle, freefly pioneer and competitor representing France at international events, he started coaching teams in the artistic disciplines, very succesfully, training few new world champions. Nico started skydiving when he was 16 years old. He acheived titles as freestyle world champion, won several medals internationally both in freestyle and freefly. Thanks Nico, for your inspirations.
Do you know Nico has been first freestyler to present in competition and succeed, 4 twists in one loop? If you know the awarness it takes to do two twist in one loop, then you know it takes even more to do four.

Freestyle/Freefly E-Panel

Ash Crick

Ash Crick is a legend! From Australia, with back ground in gymnastics and music, he became freestyle world champion in 1999. Lately he focused in his musical career as a key player in famous live bands.
As Sky on Stage organizer I am truly honored to have him on board among the panel of judges!!!

Freefly/Freestyle TC & A-Panel

Manuel Basso

Manuel is a professional full time skydiver since 1999. He is freefly and AFF instructor, tandem master, rigger, and loves to fly his canopy. His international competitions and records carreer is quite reach and includes two bronze at freestyle world cup (as cameraflyer) in 2004 and 2005 as well as a bronze at freefly World Championships in 2006. In 2005 he also competed at Space Games winning gold in freefly 3 way as well as 5way. Not everybody knows Manuel has a background in gymnastics and battery playing.

Freestyle/freefly E-Panel

Gigliola Borgnis

Gigliola is one of the true gurus of our sport of skydiving. She won worldly contests in freefly and freestyle, inspiring with her creativity, elegance and natural way of flying a whole generation of skydivers. In Team with former partner Marco Tiezzi she pioneered and still does pioneer, angle flying, one of the most loved way of flying. Nowadays she is a reknown load organizer, coach and event organizer through her team GyxAirTeam


Eleonora Farina

Eleonora is a mountain bike downhill professional athlete, competing in the world tour in the Mondraker Team. Among her achievements gold at female DH European Championships, 4th place at female DH World Cup and World Championships. Eleonora is a multisport enthusiast when not riding her bike she trains herself in ski, alpine ski, snowboard, slackline, swiming , pilates, yoga. She is also an Art lover and has pretty good drawing skills

Freefly E-Panel

Håvard Flaat

Håvard is a professional freefly skydiver as well one of the top wind-tunnel instructor in the world, now working in the management team of AirSpace wind-tunnel in Belgium. Håvard is part of the group of pioneers flyers who helped define the Dynamic Flying concept as well as competition rules for WD2 and WD4. Håvard is currently in the organizing team of next wind-tunnel world cup and european championship. He has a rating as Dynamic Flying international judge. Stoked to have him in the ES Panel of video choreographies reviewers and evaluators!

Freefly E-Panel

Mikhail Razomazov

Mikhail is from Russia, he has been, with his Team, freefly world champion few times in a row. Mikhail is also a well known windtunnel competitor and coach both in freestyle as well as dynamic flying. Thank you Mikhail for your always good vibe and passion for the sport!


Graziano Galvagni

Graziano, aka ‘Graz’, is a professional action sports and outdoor photographer. He works as offcial photographer for several sport events around Italy and Europe. check is amazing work on his channels an website

Freefly E-Panel

Sharon Har-Noy

Sharon is one of the top freefly coaches and Load Organizer in the world. She has a backgournd in freefly competition and now organizes through Modern Skydiving Concepts events and skill camps for all leves of flying. Sharon is a member of the amazing all females team the Joy Riders, organizers of next head-down female world record Project-19. Besides training, teaching, organizing, Sharon is also a certified Yoga teacher.


Giacomo 'Giobbe' Dallape'

Giobbe is passioned about many sports and arts. He is a professional ski and windsurf instructor loving to train especially the freestyle artistic maneuvers. Among others he cross train in boulder climbing, surfing and to get is cardio at top also bicling. On the artistic side he is a quite awesome guitar player and he is currently studying graphic designs. His connection to air, wings and arts is strong and his curosity to know about body-flying is defintetively tickling his imagination.

Freefly/Freestyle Tc-Panel

Stefania Martinengo

Aloha, I am the organizer of I have been a professional freestyle and freefly competitor representing Italy at international events. Among my achievement: gold at freestyle World Championships and World Games in 2001 and gold at freestyle European Championships in 2004. I have an experience as F.A.I. international artistic disciplines judge and have been assistant-organizer in team with Olav Zipser of 15 editions of The Space Games. I am also a certified Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist and have a true passion for arts, music, dancing and sports in nature.


Giulia Paris

Giulia is a professional ballet dancer and choreographer. She studied in several schools including Centro Studi Coreografici Teatro Carcano Milano and the Washington Ballet School. After dancing with the ‘Balletto di Milano’ taking leading roles in choreographies such as Romeo & Giuliet, Cindarella and the Nut Cracker by Giorgio Madia, she joined, since 2014, the ‘Compania National de Danza’ of Spain. Through out her career she has particpated in numerous dance events both in italy and other countries


Giorgia Potter

Giorgia is a hip-hop, vogue and street dancer who studied dance at B Music Hip Hop school in Italy. She competed and won several dancing contests both in Europe as well as the Unites States and was part of the U Betta Work Crew who partecipated at Italian Got Talent Tv Show in 2015. With her dancing company choregraphed by Dolores Ninja Parisi she danced at the opening of several soccer games and showcased her talent for many well known organization

Freefly/Freestyle E-Panel

Ron Miasnikov

F.A.I. AE International judge since 2010.
Chair of ISC AE committee.

Ron, has been judging international Artistic Discipines both in outdoor skydiving as well as indoor since many years. Her dedication and passion to artistic skydiving is immense and brought her to continuosly work close hand with Teams and competitors by listening to their voices so to brings updates to the competion rules for the best.
We are truly happy to have her on board of Sky on Stage panel of evaluators
"My biggest passion is judging indoor junior freestyle. I love watching those kids create and perform. they are the future, and they can teach us all a lesson of sportsmanship and friendship"

Freefly/Freestyle E-Panel

Nils Kløcker Predstrup

Nils started as a gymnast athlete and as a junior was part of the Royal Danish Ballet, before becoming 3 times in a row freestyle world champion. His Team Funkflyz has been one of the most innovative ever. Their winning routine in 2001 was amazing and truly ahead of times and destined to change the way to approach freestyle. Nils now is a coach and trainer both at Skydive Voss as well as at VossVind windtunnel in Norway. Nils is passioned about many ohter outdoor and flying sports as hangliding, BASE, ski sports, yoga. Sky on Stage is so happy and honored to have him in the judging team!

Contact him for coaching

Freefly/cameraflyer E-Panel

Martin Kristensen

Martin is originally from Denmark. He started skydiving when 13 year old. His passion for flying gets along with the one of film making and art. In team FunkFlyz, were he flew as cameraflyer, he became, among best acheivements, 3 times freestyle world champion, 3 times eurpean champion, world games champion. He is also a well known tunnel flyer coach and competitor who pioneered and help define Dynamic Flying. Nowadays he enjoys coaching and he is a sponsored One Call Athlete.


Monica Salvarani

Make up artist, artist, Yoga teacher, owner of a Yoga Studio. Monica has few skydives in her logbook though stoped skydiving few years ago and dedicate herself entirely to artistic creative solutions and Yoga teachings. she gives classes on line as well as in her studio near by Skydive Empuriabrava. make sure to participate at one of her amazing classes, your body soul and mind will be greatfull to you 😀


Next Step Pirates

Next-Step Pirates is a team of freeriders ski and snowboard athletes organizing jumping events and competitions @snowparkmontebondone and @brentasnowpark. All of them are active in several other sports as boulder climbing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and skateboard.


Hugo Noel

Hugo is an internationally recognised acrobat artist, founder of the 'Catwall-Acrobats' and president of 'Circus Concepts'.
He studied at the Québec Circus School, and started competing in trampoline. Soon after was hired by Cirque Starlight, where he made his debut as a professional circus performer. He since then worked for various companies in touring shows in Europe and America including the Cirque du Soleil.
Particpated to more than 15 festivals in over 25 countries around the world, gaining numerous awards, including 4 at the circus festival of Monte-Carlo. Besides His work as a Circus performer, Hugo, practices many other sports as windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, high cliff diving, BASE and also a bit of skydiving!! What we love about him is his friendliness and super vibe!!!


Niccolo' Porcella

Niccolo', is an amazing multisport professional athlete born on the island of Maui, Haway.
With back grounds in gymnastics, martial arts and cliff diving he is well known in the kitesurfing and surfing world for his many achievments and adventures as winning the 2016 Biggest Wave Award. In the last years he developed a new love for wingsuit BASE terrain flying. Check his new documentary show 'The Connection' . We at Sky on Stage share his love for Earth and all her different elements as air, wind, water. Thanks Nicolo'


Ben Joseph Stewart

Ben is a film maker, sound track producer, musician and spiritual coach. Among the movies he produced: Kymatica, Esoteric Agenda 1 and 2. More work includes the series Psycadelica and Limitless, both featured on As a musician he was the singer, song writer and guitarrist for progressive rock group Hierosonic. Among their hit my favourit “Infinity”, the very actual “Paper Nation” and “Media taught you that”.
He says: “Your awakening is determined by your commitment to voicing your art”.


Alexandro Martinengo

Alex is a creative high-end photo retoucher offering post production services and pre-production consulting. He is also a photographer specialized in portrait and fashion.
He worked for over 20 years with famous celebrity photographer Mark Seliger. His retouch art includes working more directly with few celebrities like Lenny Krevits, Keith Richards and Santana.
Blob Lab is his boutique retouching studio specilized in detailed editorial and dressed product, creative comping coloring and video/gif.
He says: I am always happy to work and experiment with creative artist of all sorts and of any professional level.


Tamara Koyn

Tamara Koyn, a dancer throughout her childhood, made her first jump in 1983 and has been a freestyle skydiving pioneer since 1985...she has about 3,000 freestyle jumps. Tamara earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in teaching dance with movement science background and Media Communications: Film/Video production from Webster University in 1991. She has published books and video on this discipline; has been freestyle coach since 1988 in the US, Australia, and Europe; and 4 time medalist (1992 World Champion) in World competition.

Tamara started judging freestyle skydiving competitions in 1993, and expanded her judging to include skysurfing, freeflying, formation skydiving, canopy formation, and wingsuit flying. Tamara is currently an FAI skydiving judge and works on the FAI/ISC Artistic Events committee, editing international skydiving competition rules for freestyle and freeflying (including having put the initial FAI indoor dynamic rules for 2015 into written form).


Bryce Witcher

Bryce Witcher has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from ASU, as well as an MBA in marketing and business operations and management. He holds a USPA AE-Regional, AE-National and AE-International judge rating for artistic skydiving events, which is also recognized by U.S. Indoor Skydiving Association. Since 2016, he has judged 2 national and 4 international indoor skydiving competitions, and 6 national and 1 international outdoor skydiving competitions. Bryce began skydiving in 2003 (2700 jumps) and indoor skydiving in 2005 (25 total hours). During 2004 to 2009, he was a very competitive in freestyle skydiving, achieving 3 US national championship gold medals, 2 world championship silver medals, and 2 world championship bronze medals. After "retiring" from competition, he was a freefly and freestyle coach, working with a very talented team who also achieved many prestigious awards both nationally and at the world level.

You can contact him :

Would you like to be part of the Athletes/Artists Panel of Evaluators?

Athltes/Artists Panel: Are you a professional in any Sports or Arts other then skydiving or tunnel flying? Would you like to be part of the A-Panel? Do you know anyone professional in other sports or arts that may be enthusiastic in helping us out by taking part of the A-Panel? We really need and appreciate your help!! Would be great if you want to join us in this fun project. I think it’s awesome to create a connection and cooperation among different areas of sports and arts. 

To thank you for the help we will mention you with a link to your website and/or social media. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details