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Skydiving Competition Pick Your Game
And Play!

Photo by Raymond Adams. Skysurfer: Kebe San

Teti Martinengo Interview by AIR SPORTS NEWS


Sky On Stage Games

Compete with your team in one or more of the 5 different skydiving games!
Register to one or more of the games within November the 15th 2020 and send one video of your best flying choreography within December the 1st, 2020.


Artistic Games

5 Way Freefly

3 Way Freefly

2 Way Freefly

3 Way Wingsuit Piloting


Your Choice Where

One Jump Only!

Only one Free routine!
Do your choreorgraphy jump at any Skydiving Center of your choice!
Mixed nationalities teams are welcomed!
Awards for the winning Teams are offered by our Partners & Sponsors

Photo: Max Haim. Wingsuit Pilot: Roberta Mancino


Your New Adventure

What Are You Waiting For?

Jump and Film it!

Fill the registration form and pay for the entry

Register your team on the Registration page!

You can choose from five games:
2 Way Freefly/Freestyle: 1 performer + 1 cameraflyer
3 Way Freefly: 2 performers + 1 cameraflyer
5 Way Freefly: 4 performers + 1 cameraflyer
3 Way Wingsuit: 2 performers + 1 cameraflyer
Skysurf: 1 performer + 1 cameraflyer

Happy Flying!

Main Points

• A Team can be formed among skydivers from different nationalities. You do not have to be from the same nationality to form a Team.
• You can enter each single game if you like or just one of them.
• You can enter each game maximum twice, once as performer, once as cameraflyer.
• Teams can do their contest jump at any Skydiving Center of their choice following the safety requirements.
• Jumps valid to enter the contest are ONLY the ones that cover the video requirements such as filming the ‘Start Paper’ just before exit.
3 Steps Judging
• The 10 favourite choreographies, per each contest, will be pubblished on Sky on Stage website
All Routines, including the ones that did not make it to the finals, will be published on youtube and vimeo Sky on Stage channel
• The winning teams will be awarded with prizes, offered by our Partners, plus medals.

Check the award list page to know what has been offered so far. All Teams member will receive a certificate of participation

Shoot & Send

1) Nominate a Team Captain. Team Captain can click in the ‘Play the Games’ page to fill up Registration Form and pay the entry fee to one of the contests.
If you do not have the video footage ready, you can send it to by te 1st of December 2020.
Last date to Register your Team is October the 12th 2020.

Entry fees are as follows:
Freefly/Freestyle 2 way, Skysurf: 40€
Freefly/Skydance 3 way / Wingsuit 3 way: 60€
Freefly/Skydance 5 way: 100€

Discounted entry fee : Entry fees payed before 30 August = 50% discount

3) Upload or send your team choreography final video within December the 1st 2020
4) Judging dates to retain:
6th December: Sky on Stage will anounce the Teams that made it to the first cut.
12th December: Sky on Stage will anounce the Teams who made it to the finals.
28 December: Sky on Stage will announce final results of both Intermediate and Advanced


Register your Team!

Our Partners

Award Sponsors

We are looking for additional awards to offer to the winning Teams. If you are interested in becoming a Sky on Stage Partner please contact us on