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Skydiving Competition Pick Your Game
And Play!

Photo by Raymond Adams. Skysurfer: Kēbe San

The Outdoor Games

Sky on Stage 2
Outdoor Games

New Edition of Sky on Stage Games is confirmed and on the making!!!

This year, challange yourself, get together with your team mates, go to your favourit DZ and create one flying choreorgaphy, a free routine of your choice.
Register to Sky on Stage by December the 15th 2021
Once registered, deadline to send your final free routine is 11th February 2021
All routines will be evaluated by our panel of amazing assessors to find the winners!

Special prizes for the winning Teams.

Special Peter Pan Award to the flyer who participated in most of the games and placed best overall.

Games in play:

- Freefly/Freestyle 2 way (1 performer, 1 cameraflyer)

- Freefly 4 way (3 performers, 1 cameraflyer)

- Wingsuit 2 way (1 performer 1 cameraflyer)

- Skysurf ( 1 skysurfer, 1 cameraflyer)

- XRW Challenge (1 canopy pilot, 1 wingsuit pilot, 1 cameraflyer)
with separate set of guidelines to accomodate this new amazing discipline)

Register by 15th December 2021!!! Send us your favourit team video rotuine by 11th february 2022

Help us out by spreading the news in the community :D!!

The Indoor Games

Sky on Stage 2
Indoor Games

Flying one's body outdoors or indoors can be equally artistic, with the respective games/events somewhat different but mutually inspiring!

This year Sky on Stage Indoor will host following games:
- Freestyle (1 performer, 1 fix camera)
- Artistic 2 way (2 performers, 1 fix camera)
- Artistic 4 way ( 4 performers, 1 fix camera)

Deadline in order to register and send your best choreography: 12th March 2022


Artistic Games

Freefly 4 way

Freefly/freestyle 2 Way

XRW Challenge

Wingsuit 2 way


Indoor Games

Your Choice Where

Only One Free Routine!

Read the Guidelines for your chosen Event and create your flying choreorgraphy at any Skydiving Center or Wind-Tunnel of your choice!
Mixed nationalities teams are welcomed!
Awards for the winning Teams will be offered by our great Partners.
Partners & Sponsors

Outdoor Games:
Register by December the 15th 2021

Send your final video-choreography by February the 11th 2022

Indoor Games:
send your final video choreorgaphy by 12th March 2022

Photo: Historical Photo of one of the first docks, rapresenting the new XRW Challanges Potentials


Your New Adventure

What Are You Waiting For?

Read the Guidelines Book, Create your Free Routine and Participate!

Fill the registration form
and pay for the entry

Registeration will be officially open on 30th of August 2021. by clicking on the  Registration page you’ll be direted to a regstration form and way of payment!
Choose among one of the following:

Sky on Stage 2-
Outdoor Games

Freefly/Freestyle 2 Way : 1 performer + 1 cameraflyer
Freefly 4 way: 3 performers + 1 cameraflyer
Wingsuit 2 way: 1 performer + 1 cameraflyer
Skysurf: 1 performer + 1 cameraflyer
. XRW Challenge: 2 performers (1 wingsuit pilot + 1 canopy lilot), 1 cameraflyer

Sky on Stage 2 –
Indoor Games

Freestyle : 1 performer , 1 fix camera
. Artistic 2 way 2 performers, 1 fix camera
. Artistic 4 way
4 performers, 1 fix camera

Happy Flying!

Photo to the right:
Indoor Freestyle Chloe Dony
Photo by Alain Dony

Main Points

Sky on Stage 2nd Edition
Outdoor/Indoor Games

• A Team can be formed among skydivers from different nationalities. You do not have to be from the same nationality to form a Team.
• You can enter each of the games if you like or just one of them.
• Teams/flyers can record their non-edited video choreography at any Skydiving Center or Wind Tunnel of their choice

3 Steps Judging
• The winning teams/flyer will be awarded with prizes, offered by our Partners.
All Teams members will receive a certificate of participation and final placement

Shoot & Send

Sky on Stage 2nd Edition -Outdoor Games
1) Nominate a Team Captain. Team Captain can click in the ‘Play the Games’ page to fill up the Registration Form and pay the entry fee. 

Last date to Register your Team i
December the 15th 2021.

Last date to send your final video choreography

February the 11th 2022

Sky on Stage Indoor Games

Registration to the Indoor Games will open soon…
1) Click into the Play the Game page to fill up the Registration Form and pay the entry fee.  

Last date to register and upload your contest video routine is March the 12th 2022


Register your Team!

Our Partners

Award Sponsors

We are looking for new prizes and awards to offer to the winning Teams of Sky on Stage 2, new Edition.
Stay tuned as they confirm and get defined. If you are interested in becoming a Sky on Stage Partner please contact us on